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Long term care is the kind of help you will need when you’re not able to perform daily activities such as eating, bathing and dressing, by yourself.  The need could occur suddenly, because of an accident or sudden illness, or the process could be gradual as you age. 
Not all policies cover the same things, which is why it is important to shop around and to clearly understand the benefits you are buying.  For example, some policies pay for care in an Adult Family Home, but others don’t.  If that is important to you, be sure that it is included in your policy.

Most people want to stay in their own home as long as possible.  Care can also be provided in Adult Family Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes.  The goal of Long-Term Care planning is to give you choices when it comes to your care.
  Long term care insurance pays for a variety of services including, but not limited to:
home health aide

  • A home health aide to assist you so that you can stay home longer

  • A Care Coordinator to help the family put together a plan of care.

  • Home modifications like ramps or grab bars

  • Informal caregiver training to teach the spouse or other family member or friend how to properly and safely care for the person.

  • Skilled care like physical therapy or nursing care

  • Living in an Assisted Living Facility where you have your own apartment but need assistance

  • Nursing home or dementia facility care
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