A Health Condition can be categorized as Acute or Chronic.
An acute illness is a brief, but serious illness from which the patient is likely to recover if given proper medical care.  Things like pneumonia or bronchitis would be considered acute conditions.

A chronic condition is one that is expected to last.  The symptoms may be managed, but the patient is not necessarily expected to recover.  This could include arthritis, stroke, or some forms of cancer.

Care can also be defined as Rehabilitative or Custodial.
Custodial care is the kind of care one needs when unable to perform the activities of daily living without assistance.  This could include helping the person bathe and dress, prepare meals or do light housekeeping.  Custodial care can be provided by an unskilled caregiver or by a family member.
Rehabilitative, as it sounds, is to help the person get better through treatment or therapy.

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About Long Term Care
Care received is considered Skilled or Unskilled.

Skilled care is provided by technicians or professionals such as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and physical or occupational therapists.  It is usually medical assistance that is intended to help heal or rehabilitate the individual.

Unskilled Care is provided by someone other than a nurse or therapist, like a home health aide.  It is non-medical assistance intended to help the patient with daily activities.
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acute care in a hospital
Chart showing continuum of care
Continuum of Care
The need for long term care can occur suddenly, because of an accident or illness.  But often it occurs more gradually.  An individual might start by needing assistance around the house or yard.  They may need help shopping or preparing meals. 

Later they may find it difficult to get in
and out of the bath without assistance,
or perhaps need help with toileting. 
As they progress, more of the activities
of daily living become difficult until they
eventually need more constant care.
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