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Caregiver Conference coming soon!

by Cindy Sherwin on 03/07/13

Are you, or do you know anyone who's a caregiver?  You may not even think of yourself as a caregiver, but if you check one or more of the following statements, you are:

  • I help manage someone's medications.
  • I provide unpaid assistance to a spouse, relative, or friend who is ill, disabled, or needs help with basic activities of daily living.
  • I provide help with rides to the doctor and shopping.
  • I provide meals, bill paying, housekeeping and arrange services to be provided by others.
  • I help someone with bathing, grooming, dressing, walking or transferring to a wheelchair.
  • I provide supportive care such as delivering meals, giving rides, calling or stopping in to check on someone.
  • I feel concern that someone I know isn't taking care of him or herself.

    Friday, March 22nd is the 18th annual Caregiver Conference at Christ the King Church in Bellingham.  It is a wonderful day for caregivers to be cared for.  There are several speakers, including Emmy Award winning actress Tracey Conway.  Breakout sessions cover topics like activities for those with memory loss, memoir writing, how to avoid scams, and many others. Oh, and FOOD, there's lots of FOOD.

    The cost is $25 for family caregivers, and scholarships are available.  For information or to register, go to  I've been a part of the volunteer group that plans this event for several years now, and the feedback we get every year is wonderful.  Caregivers love that they have a day to themselves to be the ones taken care of.  If you're not a caregiver, but you know someone who is, pass it along!

  • Project Lifesaver - Electronic Technology to Locate Missing Persons

    by Cindy Sherwin on 01/31/13

    Often, when a loved one has dementia, one of the biggest fears is that they will wander, which of course is a very dangerous situation.  The Whatcom County Sheriff's Department has a program in place to help locate people quickly and return them safely.  Here is an excerpt from the Alzheimer Society newsletter, explaining how it works: 

    Each Project Lifesaver client is provided a one-ounce electronic bracelet that emits a unique radio signal 24 hours a day.  Each bracelet is encoded with not only name and typical identifying features, but also idiosyncratic characteristics that can aid the search team in approaching the client, gaining their trust and putting them at ease for the journey home.

    When a client wanders anywhere in Whatcom County, a call to 9-1-1 by the caregiver will trigger a rapid response by a specialized team within the Whatcom County Sheriff's Department.  A search to locate that client's unique radio signal is started as soon as possible.

    If you know of someone who might benefit from Project Lifesaver, please call the Alzheimer Society at 360-671-3316 or 800-493-3959 for further information.

    If you are interested in volunteering your time for this important program, please call the Alzheimer Society.


    Something is better than nothing

    by Cindy Sherwin on 10/15/12

    When I meet with clients, we talk about the idea of using long term care insurance as a supplement to their own assets and income.  I would love for everyone to have a huge monthly benefit that will last a lifetime, but that's not usually realistic, or even practical.

    Most of these folks have some assets and income that they can draw from when they need care, but the idea is to supplement that with insurance so that they don't deplete their own funds quickly.  Care could cost $70,000 or more per year, so having insurance that will cover $48,000 (a $4,000 a month benefit) of that could make all the difference in the world.  And a policy that covers $4,000 per month of expenses will have half of the premium of an $8,000 per month policy.

    I just came across an article in SmartMoney from last year that confirms this. "A Mercedes might be the best car on the highway, but a Malibu with cloth seats still has a five-star safety rating."  To read more, here's the link to the article

    Long Term Care Seminar

    by Cindy Sherwin on 10/06/12

    There is a lot of information out there about Long Term Care Insurance, and a lot of changes in the industry, especially in the last several months.  I have clients come to me who have tried to sort through the information themselves, but it is overwhelming.  There are several companies to choose from and many benefit choices.  Having a basic understanding of how the insurance works is really important before looking at the various plans out there.

    Christian Health Care Center in Lynden has invited me to speak on the subject.  The free educational seminar will be on Thursday, October 25th from 4-5:30 in the meeting room at the Lynden Public Library, 216 4th Street in Lynden.  The class is titled "Long Term Care Insurance - Plan Ahead Now to Protect Your Family and Your Assets".  Join us!

    For Business Owners

    by Cindy Sherwin on 09/30/12

    Local CPA, Siobhan Murphy, is holding another of her awesome workshops in October, "Crafting Your Business: From Vision to Results".  You can be a business owner or a wanna-be to benefit from Siobhan's expertise.

    This workshop is for you if you are. . .
    Committed to starting a new business, but don't know where to start. 
    Already in business and ready to grow to the next level. 
    Ready to engage your team in crafting a shared vision & plan for success

    In this 3 day workshop, she will show you how to:
    Lay Your Foundation
    Map Out Your Process
    Lead Your Team to Success

    And here's her bio:
    Siobhan Murphy holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Western Washington University; is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and a Certified Financial Manager (CFM).   

    She has applied her accounting and business experience to not-for-profit, public accounting, small business, home-based business, service and retail industries.   
    Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, Siobhan holds a strong passion for supporting small business owners.  She enjoys living an entrepreneurial lifestyle as a 10-year serial entrepreneur.

    To Register, Call 360.746.8738 

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