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Travel tips

by Cindy Sherwin on 05/14/14

Now that summer is almost here, it's good to think about ways to minimize the risk of identity theft while travelling.  An article I recently read had some common sense suggestions, and some that I wouldn't have thought of.

Stopping your mail and newspaper (remember those?), or having a neighbor collect them, is always a good idea.  Not only does it keep unwanted hands off of your private information, it doesn't pile up as an advertisement that you are away.

Only take essentials with you in your wallet - maybe your driver's license and one or two credit cards.  Leave everything else safely at home, far away from pickpockets.  And never carry your social security card with you, even at home.

Don't access financial data on public wi-fi networks.  'Nuff said.

If you need to get cash from an ATM, the machines in bank lobbies are much safer, and less vulnerable to devices used to capture your card information.

Here's one I wouldn't have considered - If you're in a hotel and someone calls saying they are from the front desk and they need your credit card number again, hang up and call the front desk yourself.

Happy travels!

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