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Hi, My name is Cindy and I'm addicted to walking

by Cindy Sherwin on 06/13/14

I haven't always been, it's really been in the past few years.  I started out as a fair-weather walker; it was a good excuse to be outside and not have to be pulling weeds.  But now I walk year-round.  It rains a lot here, but with a hat and the right jacket, it's not that big of a deal.  Strong wind is about the only condition I can't tolerate.

Here's my (not so secret) secret:  I listen to books while I walk.  I/you can download them for FREE from the public library as long as you have a library card.  They go right to my phone and I plug in earbuds and listen while I walk.  If I'm reading an especially exciting or suspenseful book, I have been known to go an extra mile or two to find out what happens.  I'm in the middle of a David Baldacci novel right now, and logged 7 miles on Monday.  Okay, admittedly, that's more than usual, but it was also an especially nice day.

I've thought about walking a half marathon since I know I'm capable of at least 7 miles, but then the question always comes up in my mind:  Why on earth would I want to walk a half marathon?  That always ends the discussion.

I've also enjoyed John Grishom, Lee Childs, Ben Coes and others, but I'm always open to suggestions for new authors.  We're just coming up on prime summer walking months, and I've blown through most of these guys' stuff.  I got some great suggestions from colleagues in Elder Service Providers at a networking event last night, so I'll be checking out (literally) a few new ones. 

I'd love to hear about others worth listening too, so please leave me a comment with your favorite.  My only requirements are that it can't be boring or too violent (no more Harlan Coben).  

Besides the obvious health benefits from walking, and how great I feel when I do it, it's the fiction that really keeps me from getting bored.  I was going to try to end with a pun about 12 steps and walking, but sorry, I can't think of one.  Besides, the sun's coming out, I've got to go.

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