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There are bumper stickers that say “Live long enough to be a burden to your children”.  Although we chuckle at that, most of us really don’t want to depend on our loved ones to care for us
as we age. 

Even if you have children in the area, do they have jobs and families of their own that they care for?  What would it mean for them to take several hours a day, several days a week to help you with errands, meal preparation, housekeeping chores, or later on, helping you in and out of the bath, getting dressed, making sure you’re taking any necessary medications?
As much as they would love to help and be there to take care of you
just as you took care of them, the demands of caring for an aging
parent play havoc on your adult child’s life: their spouse, their children,
their job, their social interaction, and especially their health suffer as a result.

Besides, how would you feel about your son or daughter helping you with some of the more personal tasks?  Why not pay professional caregivers to help with the difficult and embarrassing tasks, and allow the family to be companions rather than caregivers.

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Long term care insurance is not for you. . . it's for your family.
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