Adult Family Home – This is a home in a residential neighborhood that has been adapted to make it possible to care for its residents, usually about 5 or 6 people.  The home provides 24 hour care by trained caregivers and has a physician or RN available for emergencies. 
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When someone needs care, it can be received in a variety of settings.

At home – Many people find comfort in staying in their own home for as long as possible.  If caregivers are available, either family members or paid caregivers, the person is usually able to stay at home much longer.  Without that support, sometimes there is no alternative but to be placed in a facility setting.

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Assisted Living  - This typically consists of an apartment-like dwelling with several common areas.  Residents are usually given the choice of preparing their own meals, or joining others in the dining room.  The facility takes care of cleaning, laundry, and other chores.  There is often a calendar of activities and outings available. 
Adult day health care – These services are often just as necessary as respite for the family caregiver as they are for the individual being cared for.  The loved one goes to the facility during the day, where they are involved in social activities and may receive health services and rehabilitative therapies.  There is a wonderful Adult Day Health  program in Bellingham at the St. Joseph Hospital South Campus.

Nursing or Dementia care  Many individuals, at some point, need more care than they are able to receive at home or in assisted living.  A nursing home or dementia care community is a place where the person can receive 24 hour skilled care and  rehabilitative services.  Some facilities specialize in caring for patients with advanced dementia or Alzheimers Disease.
Adult Family Home
The resident may be independent, meaning they can take care of themselves and are ambulatory.  Or, the resident may need some level of assistance.  The resident has an evaluation upon entering the facility to determine what level of care is needed.  The cost of living in the facility is based on room and board, plus additional fees determined by the level of care needed by that individual.

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