Long Term Care Insurance Specialist
"I can't afford long term care insurance"
You may have heard that long term care is very expensive.   The cost of not having coverage can be much greater.  Imagine paying anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 a month for care.  Now consider paying a fraction of that for coverage that will pay for care when you need it.

Many clients are surprised to see how affordable coverage can be.  Of course, it's not appropriate for everyone, but where it is appropriate, it can be a huge relief to your family to know that help is available.

Even if you end up paying premiums for 30 years before you need the coverage, you will get back all of the premiums paid in, in the form of benefits, in the first few months.

You may think you can't afford long term care insurance, but really, can you afford not to have it?
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