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  • Your health care practitioner certifies that you are unable to perform two of the six activities of daily living
The elimination period is a waiting period and is much like a deductible that other types of insurance have.  If you have a deductible on your homeowner’s insurance, you are responsible for the first part of your claim, the first $500 for example. 

There are many ways elimination periods are calculated by different insurers, and it’s important to know which calculation is being used in your policy. 

Eating   Continence
Toileting        Transferring
Dressing      (moving from 
Bathing         bed to chair)

  • Or you have severe cognitive impairment
  • And your condition is chronic, expected to last more than 90 days
You become eligible for benefits when:
With a long term care policy, once your elimination period has been satisfied, you will start receiving benefits, and in most cases your premiums will stop. 
With a long term care policy, the deductible is stated in days, and you select the number of days.  For instance, you could be responsible for your care for the first 30 days after being certified as needing care. 
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
Activities of daily living are the things that we do every day, usually without much thought.  At some point those things become more difficult because of an accident or illness, or because of the effects of aging
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