Long Term Care Insurance Specialist
Cindy Sherwin, MBA, CLTC
(360) 647-2280
Because I am an independent agent, representing many top rated insurance carriers,  I am able to help people shop for long term care insurance that is affordable and appropriate for their situation. 

My goal when I meet with clients is to be sure they understand all of their choices, and have all of their questions answered so that they can make an informed decision
Many financial professionals offer long term care insurance along with their primary services, which could be other insurance products or investment vehicles.  I work only with Long Term Care Insurance, no other products, so I make it my job to understand the differences between policies and specific benefits.

Long term care insurance is a big investment over your lifetime, so you need to be sure that you know what you’re buying, and that what you’re buying is appropriate for you.  Now is the time to be sure that the benefit choices you make today are going to fill the need 20 or 30 years from now, not later when the benefits are needed.  No one likes that kind of surprise.

I am available to speak to groups and small businesses about important long term care issues and have published articles about related topics. Group discounts and domestic partner discounts are available.
I educate my clients about:
  • What long term care is
  • How Long Term Care Insurance works
  • What benefit choices are available, and what the benefit choices mean
  • When benefits will be received
  • What the insurance costs
  • CLTC  Certified in Long Term Care

  • MBA   Master of Business, concentration in Finance,       Western Washington University 2002

  • President of Elder Service Providers Board of Directors, Four Years

  • Member of American Association for Long Term Care Insurance

  • Member of Whatcom Women's Network

Cindy Sherwin, MBA, CLTC
Long Term Care Insurance Specialist
   P.O. Box 28307
Bellingham, WA 98228

  (360) 647-2280

(360) 647-2280
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"We were trying to research the insurance on our own but there were so many different policies we didn’t know how to compare apples to apples. It was frustrating because there were so many differences in premiums from one company to the next.

Then we found Cindy and she sorted it all out, finding us the right coverage at the best price.  She’s given us peace of mind about getting care in our old age and saving us money at the same time."  
Richard & EvelynTurner
Lynden, WA
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